1500mg CBD : 1500mg CBG Tincture (30ml)

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1500mg CBD : 1500mg CBG Tincture: Our tincture consists of MCT oil and organic hemp CBD and CBG extract. MCT (medium chain triglycerides) are flavorless, smaller fat molecules which are easily absorbed by the body, directly through the liver. Combining our superior lab tested hemp CBD with MCT increases bio-availability and makes dosing easy and flavorless.



Ingredients: organic coconut mct oil and hemp extract

1 review for 1500mg CBD : 1500mg CBG Tincture (30ml)

  1. Amber

    Where do I begin? This product is amazing and has saved me from lots of pain and suffering in the very first month. I have a lot of chronic pain. I cannot take usual anti inflammatories because of poor kidney function. This product has worked wonders as an anti inflammatory. My arthritis in my joints feels almost gone. My other pain including my sciatic nerve pain has been reduced by 50% if not more! Now not only has it worked wonders for pain it has also helped with chronic constipation and keeping my digestive system in better health. I also usually receive botox injections into my bladder to stop bladder spasms, relieve pain, and stop it from bleeding. I haven’t been able to receive my botox injections on time due to covid and my bladder was bleeding again everyday. After about a week of using this product my bladder has not bleed since and feels a lot better!! This is now my go to pain medication for muscle spasms in my legs too. I get very painful and hard to get rid of muscle spasms in my legs and they leave me contracted and in tears. This tincture literally stops then in their tracts in about 60 minutes. When nothing else works this feels like a magical potion!!! Amazing CBD/CBG benefits in one bottle! Definitely purchasing again!

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