Botanical Full Spectrum CBD Pain Relief Balm 1000mg

(9 customer reviews)



Ingredients: Organic jojoba oil and organic sunflower oil infused with (arnica flowers), organic beeswax, organic menthol crystals, copaiba essential oil, frankincense essential oil, vitamin E and full spectrum hemp extract

9 reviews for Botanical Full Spectrum CBD Pain Relief Balm 1000mg

  1. Jaek

    The highest quality topical product you will find on the market! I use it for chronic back pain every morning, and my stepfather fell in love with it as well. The pain relief and tension relief is unmatched. I’d give 6 stars if I could!

  2. Shannon Fields

    I have chronic back pain muscle aches this is a lifesaver immediate relief right after applying it last for hours great customer service highly recommend it if you have sciatica nerve hip pain this will help.

  3. Noah

    When dealing with my chronic back pain and other sports injuries the CBD pain relief balm gives me the relief I need. I would recommend this to anyone especially those who do not know where else to turn. 10/10.

  4. Michael Lemieux (verified owner)

    Botanical CBD Pain Relief Balm has so many uses. Today I had a tension headache and rubbed some of this on my temples after about ten minutes my headache was gone. It’s also been great for my carpal tunnel pain and numbness, I used to wake up with numb hands and pain in my wrist, now I just rub some of this on my wrist before I go to bed and have no pain or numbness in the morning 😁. I also have used this for joint and muscle pain. Thanks earthbound remedies!

  5. Nancy J Meyer (verified owner)

    First time user for chronic back pain and arthritic pain. It works great, especially on my thumbs, wrist and knees for arthritis and lower back pain. So easy to use too!

  6. Samantha Orsi (verified owner)

    I’m impressed! I deal with chronic pain mainly because of fibromyalgia and scoliosis. I put this product on some painful areas and within 10 mins I felt relief. Bless you all forever and always. I appreciate this more than you may ever know!

  7. nicolerix2244

    I use this daily on my shoulders at work. Apply it twice in an 8 hour shift and I’m good. Also smells amazing , helps with my allergies and breathing as well.

  8. Manisha Pathak (verified owner)

    This product helps with reducing pain. It gets the job done and the product is not messy at all.

  9. Mike (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this product.I use it every morning on my shoulder and back and works great and lasts all day.

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